I Miss You

I miss you.

I miss the thought of you in my head.
You hadn’t crossed my mind in a few days,
I’m grieving the thought of you,
I’m grieving because you as thought are gone.
And you as you are here in just place.
So I guess I’m grieving me.
The me that was,
Fumbling and stumbling through the me that now is,
Trying to find my feet,
Trying to ground into myself.

I miss you.

The you that was safe and known to me,
For trusting the safe and known of the now scares me.
It scares me, yet not at all,
A good kind of scared as you look down at rushing water about to leap and fly.

You are the me that is not me,
Seeing you as me was once the aim
but seeing me as me and you as you from the perspective of the whole.
Not opposites but symbiosis
As light and dark create sight
Sound and silence create music and hearing.

Maybe I don’t miss you.

For the experience of this now feeds me,
To go back I may starve.

Things have changed,

I’m here now.
Learning, experiencing and feeling everything for the first time.

You’re here now,
You’ve always been,
As I have always been.

I love you,

Whoever you are.
My heart and soul undoubtedly belongs to you as it belongs to me.
So is the dance of life.

It’s nice to meet you,
It’s nice to meet me.


As I dance with me, you dance with you, soon to collide into union,
Yet this is already done,
For to dance with me is to dance with you
As is to dance with life.

I don’t miss you.

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