Feel in to your body,
feel into a feeling,
intention or choice
or anything
Feel into where that feeling sits in your body,
and notice what it feels like to flow in alignment with yourself,
within love
Notice what that feeling feels like,
both physically and emotionally.

Once you are aware of this feeling
you can then
feel what it feels like to move,
actively move out of alignment
before you do it.
(this is like a more detailed “gut feeling”)

Now when you are moving in flow
and you move away from a person,
place, job, situation, anything,
any happening of existence.
Notice where that comes from,
does it feel in alignment or not.
If not,
perhaps where you were wanting to move is back towards comfort,
the known past pasted snug into your future.
However if that feeling comes from and feels the same as alignment and love
even though it can be perceived as negative,
that is where to move,
from a space of calm,
not from triggers,
shift the trigger and get back to calm before you move.
Warning and danger will come from a knowing in the calm,
not a trigger.

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