To change your vibrational expression and create a reality in alignment with your heart, you must surrender into a purely intuitive state.

Surrender, and when you feel it, when something comes up do it immediately, you’ll feel it in your body, in heart.

Physically you’ll be able to feel that,
that’s what you need to do.
So when it pops up in your head, you can just grab it.
You’ll know exactly where it is and where to go.

Away from limiting beliefs and limiting thoughts, away from the voices and the chatter in the head.

Breathe Deep, be brave, allow the shift, trust the insight and actively live.

This isn’t just about trusting your intuition and feeling it as it comes,
It’s rather as if you only live within that state of intuition.
Being so connected to everything.
Fully aware that you are connected to everything.

It’s then that you can,
gently, phase into that state of being.
You are Present.

You know that you are connected to everything
You are aware that you are connected to everything,
You come to realize that you are everything.
You create your reality.

The connections you have greatly depend on and are created from the connections you have with yourself,
your thoughts, your mindset, your attitude, your outlook, your beliefs and programming.

Which is great because these are all things you can actively choose to move to create alignment within your heart.
They are all transient.

It’s like staying in a meditative intuition state,
Here you’re still able to consciously walk, sit and stand,
you can consciously operate and interact with the world around you.

This is something you are able to do at anytime and at any point of your day.
Communicating to your highest self, to the universe around you and allowing you to guide yourself into alignment and creating flow.

To enter into such a state what comes up for me when looking into are two seemingly contradictory ingredients yet when woven together paints the canvas for creation.

The first being Trust.
Trust plays a big roll in creating the space within oneself to be able to move and grow in this state,
Surrender into it
so that you may be open to receiving
from your highest self for the greatest good of all, in which ever way this may be.
Let go of all predictions, they will only limit your possibilities, focus on the feeling.

Trust, let go of fears and worries and the made up narratives in your mind,
they are just your projections and something that can be completely shifted and changed by changing your internal state.
They are all only projections of your own thoughts and your own limiting beliefs.
To follow them would be to stay in your comfort of the past and the known.
Be Brave, Breathe Deep, step into the unknown.
Trust that the universe operates in abundance and will never truly take something from you and give you a lesser hand.
So Trust and Let Go,
Surrender to see what you may find.

This then leads me to the second thing that comes up, control.

By this I do not mean control in the same way that one tries to control and manipulate their life to fit the limiting beliefs and programs they have in their brains.

You’re Breath, your pranayama or life force energy is an excellent example of this.

When you can focus on and control your breath, you’re still letting the air go and surrendering
but you’re not letting yourself go within the process.
Only the parts of you that no longer serve you. Old energy that needs to move.

You surrender more by controlling your breath,
your energy,
than if you don’t.
Because if you don’t, it is then that you are controlled by your breath and your emotions.
You may then find yourself in a state of resistance.
Attached to the comfort of the discomfort, harm and chaos you know from your past and know how to deal with, there is no unknown.
Then we find ourselves asking why the same things keep happening to us.
So by actively deciding to control your breath you can find a sense of calm as emotions are felt and let go.
They do not run away from you, and you do not run from them creating chaos, panic and distress, leaving you blinded and in able to move, you’re then fighting yourself and the natural flow of the body, you’re choosing to keep waste products you don’t need and that your body is simply brining up to show you where you can love more, where you can clean out because there is more love to come in.
Turn to face them, be still and breathe,
ask them what they want, what are they, send them love, light and healing energy.
It is here that you step into the flow of the unknown, creating a new possibility.

For example,
When we get angry or upset we tend to have short quick breathes which lead to massive out burst as we try and run away from our emotions resisting the inevitable release, this then builds up and explodes or manifests somewhere in the body as an illness or dis-ease, you have restricted flow you are in able to communicate to your higher self, your body is in able to communicate to itself.

However if you choose to control that breath, slow it down, give it an intent, give it purpose, allow the breath to do what it naturally does, choose to control it and move through the discomfort your body is addicted to.

You’ve created another option,
another reality,
you send out new messages to the universe as you change your state and draw a new reality to you in alignment with your new state. What you put out will reflect back.

If you control your breath
You are then more able to surrender to and identify the emotions that need to come up and out, face them, love them forgive them, heal them, then let them go, surrender and release further into your state of being.

Rather than allowing the breath to run away from you,
which is actually you running away from yourself, taking with it,
your sanity,
sense of groundedness and
self power.

If we learn to calm and control the breath the vital life force energy
Your energy
so that it may flow,
in a way that allows you to take step back, relax the body,
notice the trigger and
surrender into healing thoughts and actions that will bring you back into alignment and in momentum towards the intent and purpose you’ve chosen to give it.

You then create the foundation
to move from
to express your highest truths
and you do not trap yourself in a state of emotional, physical and spiritual distress.

Move slow and steady,
You can provide yourself with a controlled safe place to break down and explode,
without attachment
To love and live without conditions
Be messy
Allow your body to purge itself of all it no longer needs.

A significant indicator of this space is a space that not only allows you to express and feel your emotions at their raw and utmost truth,
It allows you the space to turn it around and grow yourself and move yourself into alignment.

This allows for both expressional flow and direction.
Like a catalyst creating an explosion of energy we can then take and transmute into love creating something else, something unknown, something new.

Acting in a purely intuitive state rather than solely the observation of your intuition.
We need both action and observation to create movement,
both energy and the physical
to create matter.

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