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To change your vibrational expression and create a reality in alignment with your heart, you must surrender into a purely intuitive state. Surrender, and when you feel it, when something comes up do it immediately, you’ll feel it in your body, in heart. Physically you’ll be able to feel that,that’s what you need to do.So …

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Feel in to your body,feel into a feeling,intention or choiceor anythingFeel into where that feeling sits in your body,and notice what it feels like to flow in alignment with yourself,within loveNotice what that feeling feels like,both physically and emotionally. Once you are aware of this feelingyou can thenfeel what it feels like to move,actively move out of alignmentbefore …

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I Miss You

I miss you. I miss the thought of you in my head.You hadn’t crossed my mind in a few days,I’m grieving the thought of you,I’m grieving because you as thought are gone.And you as you are here in just place.So I guess I’m grieving me.The me that was,Fumbling and stumbling through the me that now is,Trying to find my feet,Trying to ground …

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