Heal Yourself

Mind, Body & Soul

We are fully capable of healing ourself, mind, body and soul.
We are fully capable of creating the reality that is our highest available time line,
That is in alignment with out higher self,
That is in a state of love.

Sometimes all it takes,
is a little bravery,
a deep breathe,
and the space to step into the quantum realm
Choose to create the change you need to make in order to open up and express your divine self fully.

Thank You @kimmy07079 

For your guidance, 
For your passion, 
For your knowledge.
Thank you for the light you emit and the love that you are. 
My heart is fulled with so much gratitude for all you have showed me through encouragement and kindness . 

( Kim speaking a little on rhino dehorning )

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curious friends 🐘

moments like this with these beautiful souls vibrate your whole being 

no better seat on the vehicle than the tracker seat. 

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love between the Kings and Queens of the Savanna get a little intense. Sound up to experience the energy between the feminine and masculine here in Africa. 

( I don't want nothing at all if it ain't you baby- @ollys_wildlife preferred caption )

( doink or be doinked - @chanceporteous preferred caption ) 

Gijima Males with Southern Pride

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a glimpse in to one of our little things adventures x 

grateful for '22 things were wild and beautiful, and I was blessed with an angel.
"The Quiet Storm" by Gary Davis 
For now and always 
Thank You Great Spirit , Thank You 

Story time in the comments 👀📖
I've been taking my camera out recently, here are some unedited photos of friends I've made along the way on this beautiful journey out here in the bush

P.S. the incredible men you see here are just a few of a whole team who have done nothing but bring smiles to my face with banter and the most epic knowledge that they are eager to share.
I'm forever grateful for them taking me with on foot  as we track,
sometimes finding  a lion or two.....
which later actually turned out to be a pride of 14 hidden in the grass once we came  back with the car to show guests
the beautiful sleepy face that lifted her head to see who we were, was just the tip of the iceberg here . 🌞🌍

Once again all credits go to @chanceporteous 
I'm beyond grateful for you. 🫶🏻🌸
happy birthday to you , my love x
No words can describe what my life has been these past months. 

What I can say is that, 
I can now tell you a bunch about animals and trees, how things really are all connected and how to use those connections and little imprints on the earth to find what I'm looking for, which in itself is to flow and be present much like in life....
( more on this another time ) 

And I can whole heartedly say that there's been a whole lot of love in it too.
Love in more ways I've ever known or could have even begun to imagine, somehow it only seems to grow. 

In learning about nature I've learnt about love .
I'm creating , rediscovering , remembering and coming home to myself all at once .

It's chaos , I'm in chaos, but I learn more and more each day through this chaotic adventure of love. 

Thank you Great Spirit , Thank you Mama Africa . 
I'm here 🐾🌀🪬🧿

- @chanceporteous gets all the credits for this edit 🎞
Practice the art of experiencing
the inner pull,
the inner ebb and flow,
the inner communication that is in fact just communication with your highest self,
the universe, 
the divine,
whatever you choose to call it. 
Take some time,
take it slow, 
Breathe deep.
Sense the body, the cells, the spirit, the energy moving and painting. 
Creating in presence without attachment.
Play in this flow, 
let go, 
let it out , 
let your heart move you as you feel the energy of existence in you. ⛩
Don't try too hard
To catch the winds
From where they are going
And where they have been
Don't try to outrun
What the winds are showing
Just got to give in
To where they are blowing
- Patrick Watson

These lyrics have resonated with me so much lately . 
They can be seen as such as beautiful take on one of the Yamas ( ethical rules in Hinduism , can be thought of as universal moralities ) 
In Yoga , Aparigraha , non-possessiveness , non- attachment.
Surrendering to the flow of the ever present, cosmic now without attachment to the past as a way to try control and predict the future , surrender your attachments to your belief systems and programming  and allow space for magic and creation. 
Don’t allow fear of the unknown to hold you back and rely on your attachments , 
surrender and see you are in constant conversation with the universe , you are always in a constant state of flow , shift the perspective and allow the winds to take you where they are going . 

#winds #consciousness #spirituality #yoga #yamas #aparigraha #nonattachment #nature #cleanse #surrender
It’s time to let your mind rest and let your heart do the living. 🍃🪐

Nothing makes sense when I’m thinking. 
When you’re thinking you’re looking too closely at the thing you’re thinking about , and by the time you do that , it’s gone , it’s changed it’s moved on,
it was an ebb and then it became a flow and so on...
and then you’re left trying to figure out something that no longer exists, that perhaps never did outside the perception of your minds focused lens. 
Live from your heart . Let go . Express. 
Discover your Feeling . 
Knowing that to find ones own unique vibrational expression is not to define or confine oneself to what appears,
But rather to ebb and flow within the expression that ignites your soul each moment with neither an attachment to the ebb or the flow. 
This dance of ecstasy is part of the creation of life as a whole.
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Using various different modalities, I aim to help you create that space within yourself. The Space where the most deep and beautiful healing and shifts can be created in the best way for you as an individual. Helping you, by holding space, so that you can let go of any and all limiting beliefs and programs that no longer serve you, shift your perspective. Freeing you into yourself.

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