Heal Yourself

Mind, Body & Soul

We are fully capable of healing ourself, mind, body and soul.
We are fully capable of creating the reality that is our highest available time line,
That is in alignment with out higher self,
That is in a state of love.

Sometimes all it takes,
is a little bravery,
a deep breathe,
and the space to step into the quantum realm
Choose to create the change you need to make in order to open up and express your divine self fully.

Practice the art of experiencing
the inner pull,
the inner ebb and flow,
the inner communication that is in fact just communication with your highest self,
the universe, 
the divine,
whatever you choose to call it. 
Take some time,
take it slow, 
Breathe deep.
Sense the body, the cells, the spirit, the energy moving and painting. 
Creating in presence without attachment.
Play in this flow, 
let go, 
let it out , 
let your heart move you as you feel the energy of existence in you. ⛩
Don't try too hard
To catch the winds
From where they are going
And where they have been
Don't try to outrun
What the winds are showing
Just got to give in
To where they are blowing
- Patrick Watson

These lyrics have resonated with me so much lately . 
They can be seen as such as beautiful take on one of the Yamas ( ethical rules in Hinduism , can be thought of as universal moralities ) 
In Yoga , Aparigraha , non-possessiveness , non- attachment.
Surrendering to the flow of the ever present, cosmic now without attachment to the past as a way to try control and predict the future , surrender your attachments to your belief systems and programming  and allow space for magic and creation. 
Don’t allow fear of the unknown to hold you back and rely on your attachments , 
surrender and see you are in constant conversation with the universe , you are always in a constant state of flow , shift the perspective and allow the winds to take you where they are going . 

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It’s time to let your mind rest and let your heart do the living. 🍃🪐

Nothing makes sense when I’m thinking. 
When you’re thinking you’re looking too closely at the thing you’re thinking about , and by the time you do that , it’s gone , it’s changed it’s moved on,
it was an ebb and then it became a flow and so on...
and then you’re left trying to figure out something that no longer exists, that perhaps never did outside the perception of your minds focused lens. 
Live from your heart . Let go . Express. 
Discover your Feeling . 
Knowing that to find ones own unique vibrational expression is not to define or confine oneself to what appears,
But rather to ebb and flow within the expression that ignites your soul each moment with neither an attachment to the ebb or the flow. 
This dance of ecstasy is part of the creation of life as a whole.
🔮 New Earth lies within each human heart. It's a new way of looking at things, a new perspective.

The seeds of new earth are planted in your soul, in your heart.

Let's open our hearts together and plant new earth together.

Every smile, every kind word, every moment of compassion, every beautiful thought, every sacred moment... we are creating new earth. "Experiencing or moving into the New Earth is really just a matter of consciousness and perception.

In other words, if our consciousness and thoughts are fixated on the negativity and violence of what we might call the Old Earth, we are unable to perceive the New Earth, which exists simultaneously in another dimension. 
It may sound too simple to be true, but the reality is whatever your consciousness and thoughts focus on is what you will experience and perceive. 
You are creating your reality with your thoughts, and if they’re focused on negative experiences, your consciousness will vibrate at a frequency that is too low to perceive the New Earth." Dolores Cannon
Here, all I can keep is now. And all for a quiet surrender. A nowhere still out there to know.🐉
Just another reason I love my car 🌊
all smiles 🌞


Using various different modalities, I aim to help you create that space within yourself. The Space where the most deep and beautiful healing and shifts can be created in the best way for you as an individual. Helping you, by holding space, so that you can let go of any and all limiting beliefs and programs that no longer serve you, shift your perspective. Freeing you into yourself.

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